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    LITO Walkie Talkie Kickstarter

    Combining the latest developments with a pioneering spirit, BEEBEST has gone through dozens of prototypes to create a game changer that will push the boundaries of the walkie-talkie industry – introducing BEEBEST LITO. This wearable walkie-talkie has a stylish design and great functionality, which makes it perfect for your outdoor activities. LITO is incredibly slim with an ultra-slim 14mm body, so it fits easily into any pocket.

    Exclusive early pledges available now for the creative project from around $59 or £46 (according to current exchange rates)is offering a deep discount of about 40% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, while Kickstarter crowdfunding is in progress.

    LITO walkie talkie features

    LITO walkie talkie features

    Hands-free communication with a walkie-talkie is crucial during outdoor excursions such as mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, and cycling, freeing up your hands for added convenience and safety. And with LITO, users can free their hands by wearing or tying them according to their needs (such as helmets, bicycles, backpacks, etc.). And that’s not all! Control it seamlessly with an innovative smart controller now! BEEBEST has innovatively designed a wireless controller that allows you to activate LITO by simply pressing the button of the controller during sports activities.

    Assuming that the LITO crowdfunding campaign successfully raises the required pledge target and fill progresses smoothly, shipping is expected worldwide sometime in October 2023. To learn more about the LITO walkie-talkie project, rate the promotional video below.

    Profile LITO

    LITO supports both Bluetooth and 3.5mm headphones, eliminating the need to reach out and hold the walkie-talkie and enable hands-free call reception. Moreover, LITO provides stable signal and clear sound quality for timely, smooth and secure communication. It is designed to easily clip onto standard action camera mounts such as arm straps, helmets, and more. You can easily switch between various action scenes.

    Wireless loop controller

    LITO walkie-talkie control ring

    LITO provides power up to 2 Watts for FRS and UHF CB frequencies in North America, Australia and New Zealand, and 0.5 Watts power for the PMR446 in Europe. The connection distance tested in extreme scenarios can be up to 36 miles. It is equipped with a high capacity 2190mAh battery, which provides 5 days of standby time and at least 16 hours of continuous use.

    LITO walkie-talkie battery life

    LITO is resistant to water splashes and dust particles due to its IP54 rating. This feature ensures its functionality and durability even in tough conditions. Moreover, the BEEBEST smart app enables you to share your location even in areas with no network connection. By connecting to the mobile phone’s BLE, LITO can obtain the location information from the mobile phone’s GPS and send it to other people through the walkie-talkie.

    LITO walkie-talkie applications

    LITO has 118 channels in total, including 22 FRS channels, 16 PMR channels, 80 UHF CB channels and 20 dedicated channels. In addition, you can keep your conversations safe and confidential at all times with 122 privacy codes. Users can configure settings such as frequency, subcode, and channel assignment at a faster rate. Besides, the app provides standard maps features like measure, distance, latitude, and longitude measure. Setting up LITO is very easy. Just follow these easy steps: download the app, connect, and activate the walkie-talkie. Next, choose the country you’re in, and it will automatically configure the legal frequency bands and appropriate power settings.

    BEEBEST is a professional developer of advanced communication technology and peripherals, focusing on providing high quality products and advanced walkie-talkies. It prioritizes customer satisfaction and aims to create an intelligent world of seamless connectivity through continuous innovation in technology, user experience and design.

    For a full list of all available early pledges, stretch goals, additional media and walkie-talkie technical requirements, go to the official page of the LITO crowdfunding campaign by clicking on the link below.

    Source: Kickstarter

    Disclaimer: Participation in Kickstarter campaigns has inherent risks. While many projects successfully achieve their goals, others may fail to deliver due to many challenges. Always do thorough research and be careful when pledging your hard-earned money.

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