Ugreen 145W Power Bank is now available

    Ugreen power bank 145 watts

    The new Ugreen 145W Power Bank is now available in the UK, the device is available through Amazon for £125.99, and it’s also available in the USA for $149.99 also through Amazon.

    The 145W power bank comes with a capacity of 25,000mAh and can charge three devices at the same time and is able to charge a 13-inch MacBook Air in just 90 minutes which is quite impressive.

    UGREEN, a leading manufacturer of electronic accessories and peripherals, keeps users charged and ready on the go, with the latest addition to the lineup, the 145W Power Bank. Offering fast charging, a massive 25,000mAh capacity, wide compatibility, and a smart digital display, it’s perfect for travel use. UGREEN 145W is available for $149.99 / £139.99 on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

    Designed to give you fast charging so users are always connected, UGREEN 145W Power Bank is PD3.0 and QC3.0 enabled and capable of 145W of fast charging. Powerful and efficient, it can fully charge the 2022 13-inch MacBook Air in just 90 minutes, meaning users won’t be disconnected for long. With its massive 25,000mAh battery, it can fully recharge some laptops up to 1.3 times and mobile devices 5.6 times before needing to recharge itself.

    You can find out more details about the new Ugreen 145W power bank on the Ugreen website at the link below, and the device is now available for purchase in the UK and USA/

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